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Article Originally Appeared on Fishkeeping World If you’re interested in keeping fish I’m sure you’ve already come across numerous myths about the differences between saltwater and freshwater aquariums. “Saltwater aquariums are more expensive…” “Beginners shouldn’t start with saltwater tanks…” “Saltwater aquariums grow more algae…” To lots of freshwater aquarists, saltwater...

Author: Jeff Kurtz - Tropical Fish Magazine A Marine Aquarium Maintenance Checklist (The Salt Creep) “I understand saltwater aquariums are a lot of hard work. How many hours do you have to spend on yours each day to keep it looking like that?” “I’d love to start a...

Originally Posted on Saltwater Aquarium Blog dot com - http://www.saltwateraquariumblog.com/change-look-saltwater-aquarium/ One of the dynamics I always grapple with in this hobby is the constant desire to add a new coral or a new fish. What keeps my consumption in check is a fear of disrupting the balance in...