East Coast Aquarium Designs prides itself on building customers unique one of a kind aquariums. Whether you have a space in mind or your not sure where you want your tank to be, we can help you find a space and design to fit your needs. We will make sure you are a part of the design process, and include all of your wants. We strive to beat our customers expectations on each and every one of our designs.


At East Coast Aquarium Designs we make sure to build our customers tanks that will thrive. We believe in when building an aquarium it is important to make it both aesthetically pleasing, as well as making the aquarium sustainable for its inhabitants. We design each aquarium by putting the customers needs first. We custom design filtration systems that can fit just about anywhere, and that will sustain the aquariums so the customers will be worry free. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Proper aquarium maintenance is crucial to having a healthy fish tank. Leave all of the maintenance to the experts at East Coast Aquarium Designs and do not worry about a thing. At East Coast Aquarium Designs we know how to balance our customers budgets, as well as provide you with excellent services. We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our customers. We make sure that there is an open line of communication with all of our clients. Our goal is to have long term customer relationships. We are able to design aquariums that fit all of our clients monthly budgets as well as their unique tastes. Call us today for a free consultation. A list of our services are listed below.

Maintenance and general services include

  • Cleaning and rearranging decor
  • Quarantine and medicate sick fish in our own facilities
  • Water changes
  • Filtration media changes
  • Cleaning of all the interior/exterior surfaces
  • Maintaining and checking of glass, wood, lights, feeders, filters, heaters, etc
  • Refilling feeders
  • Maintain equipment such as protein skimmers and UV lighting
  • Livestock health checks
  • Replacing of broken and damaged parts
  • Stocking fish

Tank Re-locations:

Moving can often be a pain. When moving an aquarium, who would you trust better than a professional aquarium service company. We ensure that our services will make your move much easier. We will move the tank to its new home while ensuring everything will be put back together just as it once was.

Tank Removal:

If you are removing your old tank to put up a new one, or just removing your old tank for good, we can help. We will come and remove your aquarium with no hassle or headaches for our customers. Unfortunately, removing an aquarium while keeping the areas around your home or business clean and neat, can often be hard for someone who lacks experience. Fortunately East Coast Aquarium Designs will remove any aquarium in a safe and clean manner.


We hand pick and deliver beautiful healthy fish at discounted prices for our clients. We have fish available that are extremely hard to find in stores, and that will astound you. We constantly are always thinking of our clients and the kinds of fish that they love. We give back to our clients by offering below retail pricing on our fish. We also offer all aquarium products to our customers.