100% Satisfaction Guaranteed at East Coast Aquarium Designs

East Coast Aquarium Designs has set the standards when it comes to quality aquarium maintenance and design. We pay attention to even the minute needs of your aquarium and its inhabitants and make it our duty to serve you to the best of our abilities. Our maintenance team is highly experienced and dedicated to keeping your aquarium as healthy and idyllic as you would want it to be. We provide our services to aquariums everywhere, be it homes, doctor’s offices, restaurants, hotels, department stores and offices. We tend to your aquariums effectively and with utmost care because our professionals understand that each aquarium is unique and have different needs when it comes to maintenance. We also understand that the services to be provided depend, to a great extent, on the inhabitants of your aquarium and their needs.

We also provide customized maintenance services depending on the embellishments of your aquarium. Our expert professionals understand that factors like the amount of lighting and the types bulbs used highly effect the growth of algae in your aquarium.  This is just one of many reasons we provide our services at intervals based on such analysis because we understand that our customers might not always have time to pay attention to such details. We reduce your burden for you by taking on this responsibility and providing timely maintenance services depending on the requirements. We also adjust our schedules depending on your individual needs but plan carefully considering even the freshwater tanks require regular maintenance in order to keep the tank clean and healthy.

210 Gallon Freshwater Tank