5 Tips for Interior Decorating with Aquariums

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Aquariums can help to breathe life (get it?) into almost any room. When selecting an aquarium for your home or office, follow these 5 tips to make sure it matches the rest of your interior design:

Choose the Right Size
An aquarium has to match the size of the space you’re working with, so it can be noticeable but not overtake the room that it’s in. Each comes with its own benefits: a smaller aquarium is cheaper and easier to maintain, and a large aquarium brings a lot of “Wow” factor to a room.

Choose the Right Shape for the Space
Modern aquariums come in more shapes than you would believe. Corner aquariums can save you space, as can in-wall aquariums. On the other side of the spectrum, if space isn’t an issue, 360° cylindrical aquariums in the middle of a room can make a major statement.

Match the Aquarium Decoration with the Rest of the Room
Whether your space is an eclectic hodge-podge of collected stuff, or modern and minimalist, there are enough aquarium decoration products on the market today to enable you to match the inside of your aquarium to the rest of the room surroundings.

Match Colors to the Rest of the Room
For this one, you can either choose complimentary colors for your aquarium, or you can choose some contrast in order to make your aquarium even more noticeable. Decoration colors and the colors of the fish themselves can be used, as can the aquarium lighting.

Use Custom Trim, Cabinetry, or Frames
Having these matching elements on the exterior of the aquarium will help make it seem like it was an actual part of the room’s design, as opposed to just something that was added after the decoration of the room was already done.

When deciding on an aquarium to meet your interior design needs, don’t be afraid to ask for help—aquarium installers have a lot of experience and may be able to give you aquarium ideas that you didn’t even think were possible.

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