East Coast Aquarium Designs installs and maintains personal aquariums in the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area. Contact East Coast Aquarium Designs Today for a FREE Consultation.  Phone: 732-503-9204 E-Mail: eastcoastaquariumdesigns@gmail.com

Aquarium Design

Residential and commercial aquarium service at its best!  Whether saltwater, freshwater or oversized aquariums, East Coast Aquarium Designs has designed, sold, installed and maintained aquariums of all types.

Aquarium Installation

Considering an aquarium? We will arrange a time to meet with you where we can show you many different aquarium options, listen to your thoughts and ideas, and compose a plan and quote for your spectacular new display.

Ongoing Maintenance

We offer a professional, knowledgeable and experienced aquarium maintenance service to keep your aquarium healthy and thriving. The key to keeping a successful aquarium; full of color and life is through proper care and maintenance.

All aquariums depicted have been installed and/or maintained by East Coast Aquarium Designs…

At East Coast Aquarium Designs we do everything we can in order to ensure customer satisfaction. We use our professional knowledge of aquariums and the customer’s interest to create a unique aquarium designed specifically for each individual customer. We have a strong passion for aquariums and years of experience. We are a professional, responsible, and fully insured business. Our company will do everything we can to work with our clients needs and to ensure when we leave the job site, you are happy.

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